How to grow fat   


Popular ways to grow fat


Many people unintentionally grow fat by eating the food that is most commonly available.

Food manufacturers strive to make their products more tasty and enjoyable to eat so people will buy their products.

The government subsidises many agricultural industries, which makes ingredients such as grains and high fructose corn syrup relatively cheap. This allows manufacturers to produce new products, often at a lower cost. These products are successfully advertised and accepted by a large proportion of the population.

Unlike 150 years ago, sugar is easily affordable, making sweet drinks, snacks and desserts extremely popular.

Fast food restaurants are able to provide convenient affordable meals that are quick and easy to eat.

At home many pre-prepared meals or sauces are used in place of the simple natural ingredients that were used in the past.

The flavourings, additives and sugar that are in so much of our food tend to overwhelm our taste buds and make simple natural foods seem so bland in comparison that we have lost much of our own body's ability to discern what foods we require.

Often after eating a meal, we are unsatisfied, and may attempt to solve this by eating more. This often results in an excess amount of calories and a lack of some essential nutrients.

In the movie "Supersize Me" Morgan Spurlock showed how damaging an effect 30 days of overeating fast foods had on his body that his doctors were shocked.

Many people live a sedentary lifestyle. With little exercise, an excess amount of calories and poor nutrition, growing fat is usually regarded as very unhealthy.

There are other ways to grow fat.